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    To add Buddypress to your WordPress site you will want to visit your dashboard and find the plug-Ins tab on the left Navigation. Once you hover over that choose Add New from the options.

     photo AddPlug-in.png

    Next you will want to type in Buddypress to the search box.

     photo AddPlug-inBuddyPress.png

    This will bring several Buddypress related items, but the first should be Buddypress itself. Choose the instal option and follow the prompt to activate the plug-in.

     photo AddPlug-inBuddyPress2.png

    Once you have activated the plug-in you can find access to the settings from the settings tab in the left navigation:

     photo AddPlug-inBuddyPress3.png

    Configure these settings and enjoy!
    For more info and support go to:


    Hi AnGella,
    So many questions. First, for a 3 column format, which wordpress do you have to start with? Second, can you chose a format for BP? Third, can you have multiple forums and can you design groups that look like Nings? And finally, can you get a better posting editor than the one I see here?
    Thanks again!


    You can add a third column to any WP theme. I have it on some pages and not on others. You can use the Buddypress theme or any of the regular WordPress themes. You can have multiple forum pages.

    Group design can likely be made the same, what features are you looking for?

    The editor for posting is much better than the editor for commenting.
     photo KitchenSink.png

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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